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Module 2

Module Notes

Module 2 Notes

Useful Printouts

Angels and Demons
Resilience Profile Questions
Narrative Questions Booklet
Emotional Vocabulary
List of Values
Key Drivers Questionnaire
Key Drivers Explained
Brene Brown Values
Logical Levels
Hettie Einzig Mindfulness
Mindful Breath
Centring Exercise
Imposter Syndrome (FOL)
Imposter Syndrome (Barefoot)
Imposter Syndrome (PfP)
Module 2 Slides & Flips as it happened
Day 1 Slides
Day 2 Slides
Day 3 Slides
Day 4 Slides

Supplementary  Material

Attachment Theory
Neuroscience Reading
Parent Adult Child expained
OK Corral explained
Neurochemicals Overview
Attachment Theory in Coaching
Attachment Styles - Jenny Rogers
Attachment theory - Superpowers
What coaches can learn from TA
The benefits of outdoor coaching
Anchoring / Resourceful State Guidance
Drivers and Doors
Enemies of coaching
Neuroscience & Wellbeing
ARIA Model article
The benefits of outdoor coaching by Alex Burn

Psychometric Information (not covered on the retreat - provided in case of interest)

SDI - Trends in Leadership
Voiceprint Presentation
SDI - Team Relationships
SDI - Video
MBTI Introduction
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